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Patricia Stanton’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 21 Aug 2005

Location: Puerto Escondido, Mexico

MapSo,,, no more south america for me!
Mexico here i am.
I really don't do much with my days but have a swim or two, lounge in hammocks and watch surfers tackle the pipeline. (how cool am i, i actually know what that means now!) I got dumped big time today, and i think i have half the sand in the world in my swimmers, hair, ears, mouth... I am very well exfoliated!

The Best thing is watching sunset over the ocean (when the afternoon storm doesn't get in the way) It is so much nicer than sunrise because it is at such a respectable hour!

Nights out are pretty fun, they did invent tequlia after all. I have befriended/ been befriended by a lovely group of Aussies, even managed to score a cool orange hat the other night, so much better than a witches hat.

I have been very good and resisted all shopping so far, but i hear the hammock lady calling me.

Off to New York next and just found out that Cat, a friend from Sydney Uni will be there, so now i am super excited!

hope we are all well children..