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Patricia Stanton’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Dec 2005

Location: Vancouver, Canada

Long time no boring you all with what i have been doing.

Well truth is I haven't been up to too much. I am living and working in Vancouver at the moment and the weather has been very pleasing to an Australian - it is snowing, so pretty and white. I am living with my lovely cousins Alyson, Bruce, Aidan and Bronwyn.

I have been pottering around these parts for a while now, getting to know my cousins and the Canadian way of life - namely ice hockey.

I have also been discovering my inner Martha Stewart, knitting, crafting and even baking. As such I have to get out of North America pretty quickly before I start thinking this is normal behaviour!

I am in Vancouver for Christmas and then travel around Canada a bit more and then hit the UK.

No doubt I will write some more before Christmas,
Hope we are all well in the various parts of the world this is being read.