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Patricia Stanton’s Travel Diary

Friday, 16 Dec 2005

Location: Canada

MapHi there everyone!

Christmas is bringing out my inner 6 year old (not that it is ever very well hidden) and there has been tree decorating, snow angel making, gingerbread house making and clothes bleaching.

I no longer own anything black after a small run in with the bleach the other week, but it did solve the problem of fitting everything into my pack, so that is pretty handy, plenty of room for santa now!

I finished up work on Thursday so now have my days free to get even more excited about christmas! yaya. I got some lovely gifts from work and now have a "ROOTS" outfits for summer and winter - a brand of clothing whose name isn't so rude over here. It was a little bit sad to leave work... the first of many goodbyes coming up.

Ok I hope everyone is getting ready for christmas