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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Feb 2006

MapEep. It is chilly outside today... I guess the Birkenstock's were a bad choice.

Wednesday night was the annual Varsity tournament. It is an annual tradition when Swansea and Cardiff compete in all varsity sports ending with the men's rugby match. The match is held in Bridgend which is about half way between Swansea and Cardiff. It is a huge deal, pretty much everyone goes. There were dozens of buses transporting us rowdy students and Swansea has been undefeated in the tourney for the past ten years, so the energy was amazing. The pints were also flowing quite smoothly. Unfortunately, Cardiff scored a two sneaky tri's in the second half taking the title. To be honest I don’t really remember being too concerned about the loss. We had so much fun (see pictures). The most entertaining part was probably half time, I have never seen so many streakers in my life. It sort of lost its effect after the first 10. Afterwards we went into town and I ran into some professors who I talked to for like an hour about Canada and god knows what else. Oh dear. The rowing race is going to be next weekend in Cardiff! My flat mate Sophie and I are both in the first boat.

Last night was another messy night which coincidently involved a trip to Bridgend. Kath and I traveled there to see The Blims which are a band that we really like. It really was a great night. It was the second time we have seen them and both nights are highlights. Most of the fan base are surfers and the atmosphere is just chilled and everyone wants ot have a good time. We always have random hilarious stories after being at their gigs.

For all you Brock readers I urge you to check out all of the campaign tables and spend some time talking to Pat Houston (VPSS) about his platform and make your vote count on Thursday. Good luck Pat!

In other news… I accepted a summer job this week. I am going to be the camp administrator at Easter Seals Camp Woodeden. Sorry all you Belleville folks, the camp is located near London, Ontario. However, I will be home for three days every ten days. I am really excited about it. I am really jumping in with both feet being apart of the senior staff team my first summer working there but it will be I will figure things out quickly.

I miss you all a lot right now. Stay classy San Diego (and thanks for dropping by!)