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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 11 Mar 2006

MapHello Jen follower's!!

I just returned home for playing the squash god(dess). She is a girl from my program who is insane in the court. When she asked me to play a game I was a little hesitate but everything turned out fine, she taught me some tricks and she even said I was pretty good!

There was St. Davidís day on March 1st, which is like the Welsh St. Patrickís Day. To celebrate, my flat cooked a traditional dinner, consisting of potato, leek, pork and a creamy sauce all put into a casserole type thing. It was tasty! We had it complete with wine and Welsh cakes. That evening we went to see a Stereophonicís cover band down at JC's (which is one of the student pubs on campus). When we got there we realized they played in the afternoon, kind of a disappointment because we have all become obsessed with the Stereophonic's (who are Welsh, but their biggest inspiration is the Tragically Hip).

We also had a bit of snow last week, which always brings excitement. Everything pretty much shuts down and all the school kids come into the student village and cause chaos. They had to call in the police this time.

Last weekend the rowing team headed to Cardiff for the Head of the Taff Regatta. I rowed stroke in the 4+ and well, we won! It's funny, the British rowing style is very upright with no body swing... but I have made my boat adapt the Canadian or I guess even Brock style of really leaning back at the finish with a slight pause. It makes so much more sense because the blade is in the water for longer and your stroke rate doesnít need to be as high. Anyway, I am crediting the technique for the win!

There is no one here in the flat with me right now because they are all at the pub watching the Six Nations rugby tournament. It is Italy v Wales today. The game is in Cardiff so a few of my mates are there but I couldnít justify 60 GBP to see a match.

In other news, I am going to have a go at a full marathon. The race isn't until September, but it is necessary to get preparing now. I have created a 24 week training program, which will start the week of April 9th!

The plans are coming together for our Easter break trip. There are four of us going now: Alex, Kath, Owain and myself. We fly into Stockholm on March 28th. We are going to purchase a Scanrail pass and go into Norway and maybe fit in Denmark first. So, really we have not a lot finalized ... but we have lots of ideas and I will let you know when it is all concrete.

This weekend I am working on a lab report for my motor learning module. The lab was quite fun, I learned how to properly throw a rugby ball. It is quite difficult to get a good spin on it. Anyway, we did five throws from our dominant side (usually the writing hand side) and five from our non dominant. We are examining if there is a link between experience and handedness of throwing the ball.
I also have to finish a exercise metabolism presentation today.

I better get to it. I have been missing home more lately. I think it is just through boredom of routine but I have great friends who keep me on the up!