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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Mar 2006

MapIt was crunch time for the past dues weeks, trying to get two reports done... success! Now for my month off school... leaving for Scandinavia in two hours.

Here is the rough itinerary:

March 28
Fly into Stockholm, Sweden

March 30
Denmark (Copenhagen)

March 31
Olso, Norway

April 2
Lillehammer, Norway

April 3
Greet the Arctic Circle at Bodo!!!

April 4
Tromso, Norway: The most northern university town in the world and home of the arctic cathedral

April 6
Rovaniemi, Sweden: The gateway to Lapland, where Santa lives

April 7
Helisinki, Finland

April 8
Fly to Frankfurt, Germany

April 10
Berlin, Germany

April 11
Prague, Czech Republic

April 13
Vienna, Austria

April 15
Innsbruck, Austria

April 17
Swiss National Park (I love the ALPS!!!)

April 18
Lucerne, Switzerland

April 19
Black Forest, Germany

April 20
Fly back to London

Thats pretty much it. I am going with my three good mates: Alex, Owain and Kath. We purchased inter rail passes which allow us to get on any train to go anywhere unlimited in Europe for a month. Hence, the plan may change slightly. We have some hostels booked, other nights we plan to get night trains... we are just going to go with the flow really.

I love you and miss you all. I wish I have more time to write more about my life... but I have to run. I will write more from the road.

Keep on keeping on.