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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 30 Mar 2006

Location: Bergen, Norway

MapScandinavia so far is very buff.

We have done tons of travelling in the past three days, feels like I have been away for a month. We flew into Stockholm... which I must say is a lovely city, not really what I was expecting. Our boat hostel experience was very enjoyable.

When finally finding out about train times and connections we have had to modify the Scandinavian part of our trip.

Since Stockholm, we have been on a train for over 12 hours. Got on an over night train to Oslo. Then got on a conecting train to Bergen.The Oslo to Bergen route is suppose to be the most scenic in all of Norway. I met a lady on the train whos husband grew up on the same street as my dad..Robert Stewart...small world. We are in Bergen which is on the very west coast of Norway for tonight and all of tomorrow and then get an overnight train to Oslo tomorrow and spend two days there. We will then had back to Stockholm where we have to hang out for the day to get the over night train up to Lulea, and then catch a bus to Haperanda, across the border of Finland to Kelm and up to Rovanimi for two nights.Rovanimi is 8 km south of the arctic circle and the home of Santas village. Santas village will be pretty annoying for myself but the environment of the arctic circle should even things out!

That is all we have sorted at this point. The joy of the rail pass is that we can get on any train, we have to pay a bit for a bed but it turns out to be cheaper than a hostel room.

After this, all we know is that we fly from Tampere to Frankfurt on the 8th. We have few ideas on our route, we will probably hit up Helsinki on the last night and we want to go to a sauna and swimming in the Baltic see, so I will keep you updated.

Love for Now.