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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Apr 2006

MapNorway is full of wonderful things. We spent the day in Frogner-Parken which is a huge green space in Oslo. It is home to over 200 statues, the most famous being Monolitlen by Vigeland. It is the most impressive thing I have ever seen in the art world. We also had a epic snowball fight and listened to this really great street singer during our time there. We then took the subway up to the Olympic ski jump.. good times! Alex, Owain and I slid down on our bums... mine is still wet as I write this.

I am at the Olso train station right now, we are getting a night train back to Stockholm, spending the day there and then up to the far north. Its going to take 17 hours to get there, but it will be well worth it.

Bergen was gorgeous. We climbed Mt. Ulriken, actually took a cable car up, hiked a bit up there and walked down. The view of the Norwegian Sea and the surrounding fyjords were amazing.

I must run for now, but promise to write more when I find cheaper internet and have more time.

Love to you all!