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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 02 May 2006

MapWhere to start...

The weather her in Wales has been really niced mixed with spontaneous rain showers, but thats Wales. The sunny days make it perfect for going to the beach (which is 5 min walk from my uni).

I really cant believe how quickly this year has gone. Some days seemed to drag on but weeks flew by.

Last weekend, monday being a bank holiday, Kath took me to her house for the weekend. Kath lives in Droitwich, which is close to Birmingham. We drove up to Stratford and spent the day there. We saw where Shakespare was born, I took Kath for a row on the River Avon, we went to a cute pub and ended the night at a play. Bless Kath, she went through all the trouble of getting us tickets in advance for Othello, but has we were standing in line, she said" Jen, look at your ticket...", the play ended up to be in German with English subtitles (which went along the top of the stage). It was pretty funny, but in the end it made the play more moving because you really had to pay attention to who the characters were well reading what they were saying. In the end I really enjoyed it. On the Sunday Kath drove me up to Nottingham where the national watersports centre is. I was competing with Swansea at the British University Rowing Championships. It was a laugh, but we didnt do too well. There were 69 boats in the time trials and the top 24 advanced to the semis. We came 25th by 1 second. On a postiive note it was really good to see the facility they have there in Nottingham, very impressive, they have a man built white water course and I have heard it is where the 2012 Olympics games will be. After that Kath;s mom made the most lush roast dinner. Her family are so generous and sweet. I have really lucked out this year with the people I have met.

I headed in the rest of my course work last week. Also last week, I headed to London for the whole day on Wednesday to meet up with my friend Katie from Belleville. She is doing a Koniki tour around Europe and they were meeting in London. I showed her and her friend Leslie around one of my fave cities and we even had a chance to hit up the pub. It was really nice to be around someone from home and hear about everything that is happening, made me miss everyone a bit more.

What do I have planned for the next fews weeks...

- Surfing next weekend on the Gower, probably Roshilli Bay, a group of us are taking professional lessons. I will let you know how that goes.

- Year end rowing dinner this Saturday with wine included!!!

- Six exams which start next Tuesday, some of them are worth 100% so it doesnt really matter how much time and effort I put into lectures, it all comes down to two hours, except I guess those hours in lecture were revision, but will she remember what she learned in October? Thats the question.

- Our favourite Welsh band ... The Blims are playing in Swansea the night before my departure for the homeland, that will be a good time i reckon.

I put up some photos of the Europe trip during Easter break. Enjoy!