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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Friday, 19 May 2006

MapHowdy folks!

I am well into m exam period now, two under my belt four to go!
I wrote Biomechanics and Motor Learning this week and have Sport Psychology and Urban/Economic Issues next week and then finish up with Exercise Metabolism and Medical Imaging on the final week. The first two went as I expected, I have always struggled with math and physics so I struggled with that course but feel I did the best to my ability. I am really enjoying the revising for sport psychology, I find it so interesting... perhaps i will study it further some day.

I suddenly realised how little time I have left here last night. Then, I started thinking about everything I have done this year, wow I have gotten around! In hindsight, I am disappointed that I never made it to North Wales to have a go at the mountains up there, considering that was one of the reasons I chose to come to this country. I shouldn't focus on what I didnt do and think about all that I did. In the end I am just grateful of being able to have the experience to go to uni in a different country.

Can I just say... Go Edmonton Oilers!

Back to the books. May good luck be with you. It surely has been with me.