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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 21 May 2006

MapHi again!

Wow you say two entries in such a short time. Well, I respond... I find it easier to write about every day life then to sum up such surreal and amazing emotions and experiences involved with traveling.

Its been raining for five days now, suppose to rain a lot more before it stops. I miss the sunshine that we were so blessed with a few weeks back. Although it is good for revision purposes I am not tempted to take the books down to the beach, I am sure you can all imagine how productive that is. But, I just want to go for a run and stay dry.

Today's goal involved learning heck loads about urban and economic issues. I believe myself to be 'up' on these issues so I am hoping it will go smoothly and I will get everything accomplished that I am hoping. The exam is on Wednesday morning which is worth 100% of my grade and I hate the feeling of panic when it comes to exams. I also have sports psychology on Tuesday morning and still have quite a bit to learn for that. But there is a plan being planned out so everything will get done and I know that, but I feel pressure in my stomach doubting my plan. I have already been awake for four hours making notes and reading!

Last night I went to a Tapes bar with my friend Laurel and her flat mates, for Laurel's birthday. It was a really good night, although the red wine and sangria and not doing much for my epic study day. Laurel is one of the girls I traveled to Italy with, she is exceptional we clicked straight away and have so much in common. She studies International Development and is so passionate about many issues. She has decided that she doesn’t want a career in this field but wants to work with children who have disabilities. We both want to do something to The long and short of the story is that we came up with a promise that in the next few years of our life, after we get our lives sorted we will travel to India, Nepal and Tibet to do volunteer work in the environment and social justice sector. I just love when connections happen like that, its so refreshing.

I'll get to it now. Love you all!