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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 13 Jul 2006

MapWow, July 13th and for the wrap up entry. I have been home and working at camp for over a month now. Its strange how quickly I adapted to a new setting and left everything behind. I dont feel I totally realise or appreciate the opportunities I was granted the past year of my life. Now that I am deep into camp life it all just feels like a dream. I have so many people to thank and met many people that I truly admire. I am so lucky.

This adventure has taught me that anything truly is possible if the vision and passion are there. There are already "plans" in the works for the next one, although we should live everyday has an adventure. Go for it and dont worry how.

Thanks for following my tales from wales. Those of you in Canada I look forward to seeing you and chatting with you over the summer and into the fall. Those in my second home I miss you and think about you everyday, cheers for all the memories we created.