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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 27 Sep 2005

Location: Swansea

MapHello folks,

It has been a busy and overwhelming few days. Where to start...

I left Toronto on Saturday and you will never believe who was on my flight... Mr. Minelly. It was quite funny. For those of you who don't know Mr. Minelly, he was my teacher in grade 11 for a special program called Geoventure. He was with his wife and two friends. They stopped in London on their way to Spain. We got into London at 7am, which is only 2 am in Ontario. Then, it was a 6 hour bus trip to Swansea. I slept most of the way, but for the sections that i was awake for the country is beautiful and there are sheep everywhere. Infact, my travel book tells me that is sheep population in Wales is 11 million, where the human population is only 2.4 million.

Everything here is bloody expensive. The cheapest thing I have seen is beer, it is literally cheaper than water. Eight tall boys of Stella is only 5 pounds at the store by my flat.

My flat is simple. I have six flat mates, all from different parts of the UK. They have been awesome. They have had some laughs teaching me british slang. I have a lot in common with one named Sophie from South London.

The city is much bigger than i thought. It is beautiful. I will post some photos when i get my labtop up and running. Speaking of which, I have had some problems with adaptors, eek! So, emails may be few and far between for awhile. I will still find internet access to post enteries. I am at school right now. The registration process here is confusing and time consuming, it takes all week. Classes begin on Monday.

I hope you are all well. Will post more news soon!