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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Friday, 30 Sep 2005

Location: Swansea

MapThe weather the past few days has been the epic of Wales... rainy, foggy, windy and chilly. It doesn't seem to matter how many layers I wear, the wind seems to go through anything. Reading good books in my cozy room has been the perfect remedy. One book I suggest is ' You Shall Know Our Velocity' by Dave Eggers. It is witty and very engaging. The story is about two men whom have $32 000 and want to travel around the world in one week. I have really been enjoying it.

Thursday afternoon was very pleasant. Alex, Raqual, Ross (other Canadian exchange students) and I ventured out hiking on the Gower Peninsula, starting at Lagland Bay past Pwlldu Head. It was stunning. A mix of ocean, beach, cliff, cave climbing, watching surfers, sheep farms and seeing free range cows wandering around small villages. It gave me a good taste of the Welsh landscape and way of life. We hope to continue to Three Cliffs Bay, Oxwich Bay (where there is a castle) and eventually to Worm's Head.

Classes start on Monday and I have my schedule all sorted out. I am taking mostly Sport Science Classes with a few Geography and Philosophy on the side. I will be happy to get started. Apart from classes, I have joined a few uni teams/clubs. Rowing, swimming, hiking and environmental conservation. Seems like a lot but each team meets only two or three times per week. The hiking club should be really fun, we will be going on trips all over Wales, even up to Snowdonia, which is the highest peak in Wales and is located in the north east corner. Our first hike is on Sunday to Port Elgin.

Looks like the sun is breaking through the clouds, which may be decieving because a drizzle of Welsh water is never far away and downpours are always a distinct possibility, believe me... I learned to never leave the house without a rain coat very quickly. Nevertheless, I am going to head out for a walk. Cheers.