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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Oct 2005

Location: Swansea

MapWhat a terrific first weekend in Wales...

Saturday was so relaxing. Faith, Emily, Sophie, Kath and I went to the city center, which is the downtown... but, if you call it downtown the Brits will laugh at you. It is about a 20-25 minute bus ride from the flat. There are no shopping malls or box stores here, everyone shops in the city center and at the local markets, i love it! I purchased a vintage Beatles poster for only 2 pounds, it is making my room look much more classy. Sohpie introduced us to the wonderful Joe's Ice Cream Parlour. By far, the best ice cream I have ever tasted, beats Ben and Jerry's hands down. We decided to walk home, along the beach. It was nice to put my feet in the cold water... i am going to need a wet suit to get in that water. Emily came prepared with a kite which entertained us for awhile. We walked for about two hours and of course it rained on us, but we were rewarded with a rainbow. Had my first feed of fish and chips during our last leg of the walk, very good and quite cheap.

Sunday was the first hiking club adventure. We started at Worms Head and hiked about 14km along cliff, beach and Welsh farm field. There was a bit of tricky cliff climbing which was thrilling. Everyone in the club is so friendly. I met some great people including some other exchange students from Spain, Holland and America. Also, I found someone with an extra surf board, yippee!
Of course the hike ended at the pub, apparently with no suprise all the hikes do. Sunday is the traditional Roast day in Britain, families all go out for dinner (which is lunch) to the local restaurants for roast, then afterwards hit the pubs to watch the rugby match. Thus, the pub was quite busy and I learned a lot about the British take on rugby, their second obsession.

Everything is going really well, I am excited for classes to start.

Guess what? Sophie's mom is bringing me a bike next weekend, they are letting me borrow it for the year.

Hope everyone is well. I miss you all!