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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 06 Oct 2005

Location: Swansea

MapClasses are finally underway! Funny since most people I talk to back home are writing mid terms and I have only had five lectures. You will all be laughing at me come May and I am still sitting in classes.

I had quite the entrance into the first class. It is Medical Imaging for Sport, I was a bit nervous about it to start because it is a fourth year class and the title is a bit intimidating. So, I got up at 7:30, thinking it would give me plenty of time to get there by 9:00. Got to the bus stop at 8:20 and there were about 200 people lined up, no exaggerating whatsoever. I wait and wait, the fact that it only would have taken 30 minute to walk didnít cross my mind. Finally got on a bus at 8:45, thinking, no worries I should get there in time. Wrong. There was a traffic jam in Swansea. Arrived at 9:10 ran to the building, the elevator (lift in UK) was broken. So, I ran up to the ninth floor. Sweating and out of breath I find the room and barge in. Everything stops. I have to sign in, but my name is not on the sheet, so i announce this in front of everyone and the prof say... "Ah, so you are the exchange student" followed by a question session. I was giving my answers half winded and all flustered. Then, I go to find a computer, everyone else has downloaded this special imaging software. I go to one computer, doesn't work, get up, kick the chair over, with hands shaking find one that works, couldn't find the software so everyone had to stop and show me where it was. Oh goodness, it was quite the episode!

I really like the Sport Science and Geography departments here. I can't get over how friendly and helpful people are, it is so welcoming. Classes seem like they will be a lot of work since it is a lot of stuff jammed into such a small space, but hey for four weeks to travel I can handle it.

I joined another club.. The Canoe Club! But, it is actually kayaking; I don't know why they call them canoes. We had a pool session this week, we all got in our kayaks, paddled around the pool, and learned some techniques. Two of my flat mates, Sophie and Emily joined as well ... we had a good laugh. The Canoe Club has more socials than any other club. They were an great group of people, the bubbly outgoing type. Of course after the pool session we hit the pub. Tomorrow night is our first social, Super Hero Night!!!! I am going as Canada Girl or something, haven't came up with a clever title yet. Anyhow, I am wearing a flag for a cape and am constructing a beaver hat. Saturday we have our first trip, going to Yak's River. Second social on Saturday night, the legendary MUMBLES MILE! Mumbles is a cute town right beside Swansea, there is a strip of pubs, we go to each one and have a drink. Should be a riot!

Rowing started today. Circuits training... memories of January mornings in the Brock Walker Complex were floating in my head. We have our first on water session on Sunday. By the way, props to all you Brock women rowers, congrats on the win at Trent and best of luck at Brock Invite and Boston. Wish I could be there too!

Also, had the first swimming session. A little intense, a lot of these people are on the Wales National Team and it was cliquey. Clearly I am not at that level. There were about 20 swimmers in two lanes, it was tight, and everyone was passing me. It was bit of a let down.

That is my week. Between this I was in the library, playing on the medical imaging software, walking on the beach and reading.

Send me some news! Miss you all!