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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 23 Oct 2005

MapOne of the funniest things in the world must be watching me cross a street here in Swansea. I still have not got quite used to the opposite sides. After almost being hit twice.. I now stop, look both ways about four times and then run across. Cars just seem to come out of nowhere and go so quickly. A nice man stopped today to let me cross the street... that is when I realized how clueless I must really look! Roundabouts are another story... I have to cross two on the walk to school. In saying that, I am getting a lot more confident on the bike... I went through a really busy roundabout today and was swerving in and out of cars.

I had the best time on Friday night, it was so great! We went to a gig, the band was The Blims. I suggest you all check them out:

The are just a bunch of musicians who like to surf. I suggest you download some songs.. it is ok, they said it was alright to download. My favourites are "Sunshine" and "Death or Glory". The song "Thinkin", a little cowboy but they wrote it last Christmas when their family and friends were traveling in Thailand and the tsunami hit, after they told us that the song had more meaning to me.

We had a really good time, mind you I probably drank too much cider. Anyway, after the show we went and talked to the band and I became their new Canadian Ambassador!!! I got a t-shirt and dvd out of the deal.

Spent a lot of time outside today. Had rowing practice at 10am. Then Sophie and I rode our bikes to Mumbles and had lunch at this cute little place called the Coffee Denn. Mmmm... potato jackets, I think everyone should eat a potato jacket every now and again... then i biked all the way back to the marina and went for a second row, with the crew that I am racing with in two weeks. After the row I biked all the way back to the flat, up hill for about a half hour.

I don't have much other news. I spent a lot of time at school last week. I was feeling so organized, but things now seem to be piling up,

Send me some news. Thinking about you all!