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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 Oct 2005


This message is not totally trip related, but more to tell everyone about the exciting news I heard on CBC radio. The Weakerthans and Sarah Harmer on one stage together... November 18th in Toronto. Someone please represent me!

In travel news... I saw the biggest seal today, up close and personal. We were out rowing on the Tawe River and the seal popped out of the water right at the end of our oars, it was much larger than other seals I have seen, and then the seal continued followed us for quite a while. Silly creature!

Sophie missed rowing since there was confusion with the times, so when I arrived home she was full of energy and talked me into a cycle. Two hours later I return home covered and mud. We started off along the road but ended up on an intense mud path which I don't think was designed for the bike I was riding. Nevermind, we definitly cracked the joke and saw a beautiful sunset over the sea.

Thanks for the post Juls, it made my day!