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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Friday, 04 Nov 2005

MapEveryone is gone! It is only Emily and I in the flat tonight, it is eerily quiet. Sophie and Kath went to London, Steph and Celina went home and Nia is gone dry land skiing and then home to Cardiff for the huge Wales vs All Blacks rugby match tomorrow afternoon. I was asking Nia if she thought the Welsh were going to win, she said there is always a chance and they have out played them recently but have not beat them for 56 years. I stayed behind from the London expedition because I am going away to a regatta in Mommath on Sunday... well, hopefully... I just got word it may be cancelled because the water level is too high. Emily and I spent our Friday evening in Tesco, the local supermarket... I feel content with the fresh fruit and veg I purchased! I also got a new curry sauce, 'Yellow Thai".

I sit here now writing an essay and listening to K's Choice, I forgot how much I liked their music. I have an overwhelming amount of school work to complete in the next month. Speaking of which, if there are any Excel formula experts out there please get in contact with me... I could really use your help.

Gregynog was beautiful. The house and gardens were very well kept, I was impressed... have a look at the photos. One of the workers was telling a few of us ghost stories about the building during the day and I made the mistake of listening. The house was actually on a British Unsolved Mysteries type show. The older part of the building is an old hospital, apparently there is a ghost called the "Gray Lady". She will come into your room wake you up, ask if you are alright, and then leave. I was staying in one of the single rooms and later that night noticed my room resembled a hospital room. Being Halloween and all I got myself totally freaked out when I was lying in bed.

The rest of my week was routine. The main highlight was discovering a new walking route to school through a park. Guy Faukes day is tomorrow, hence everyone going away. Emily and I are going to watch the fireworks on the beach in the evening. It is a huge deal.

All the news here folks, thanks for reading!