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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 15 Nov 2005

MapThe joy of being in UK is that I can listen to my favourite CBC program, "The Current" in the middle of the afternoon, ah the beauty of the internet.

It is not too often I say this but when it comes to elections, the Americans do it right. I think Canada needs a fixed election system to aviod all of this annoyingness. This way politicians can focus and be productive on some issues as opppse to arguing and wasting money about election dates and being in power. Just my opinion.

It has been awhile since the last entry. Here is some news..

1. Trip to Amsterdam is in the works for myself, Kath and some other Canadians and Brits. We are thinking early Feb.

2. Off to Bristol next weekend for the first rowing regatta, since the last one was cancelled, bummer!

3. The weather has been mild and sunny the past few days, one would almost forget they were in Wales.

4. I can play Wonderwall on the guitar!

5. Had dinner lst Friday evening with Margo Whitehead and family. Margo grew up in Belleville and most of her family stills lives there. In the summer I recieved her contact information and we finally go ahold of one another. It is really nice to have a local connection. They are planning on taking me out on excursions and said that anytime I want a quiet place to study or a break I am welcome to stay at their place, so nice!

6. Sophie, Kirsty (another girl from rowing) and I biked to Worm's Head last Saturday. It was a nice day for a cycle. Worm's Head is at the very end of the Gower. It took the better part of the day... after a good day of cycling I get enthused for my Cross Canada Journey scheduled for the summer of 2007. We now have a title for our cross country adventure.."Outside Insight", more to come on that.

7. I am becoming a squash addict. I am rubbish but it is still tons of fun.

8. Things are really shaping up for my parents visit at Christmas, I am really looking forward to it. I have learned quickly with no family around how key it really is. I am meeting them in London and then we are coming back to Swansea for Christmas, up to Edinburgh, down to Cambridge over to Paris for New Years and then back to London for a couple of days.

Thank you for all the offers to help with my Excel work... I think I have the formulas mastered if not my inital graphs will be wrong and the entire assignment is shot, thus please hope for the best.

I must be out for now, I think of you all often!