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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 24 Nov 2005

MapThe ten day straight kick without rain came to an end today... with snow! Well... more like a slush substance and to be fair it is not accumulating too much. Nevertheless, makes me feel at home. When it is not raining here, the sun may be out but it is very cold. There are been some tense mornings wading the rowing shell into ice cold water. Enough said.

I am heading to Bristol on Saturday morning for a regatta. The race is 3.1 km and it is at 8am. Thats right, means leaving Swansea at 4:45 Saturday morning.

I ran a 10K race last week, came 2nd! I am stressing about school right now, wrapping up the term with two exams next week and then a pile of assignments; trying to squeeze all the longest words in the English dictionary into essays and lab reports. It doesn't matter where you go in the world, the life of a student doesn't change much.

Sorry for the short update. I have to go into hibernation now, like my laptop did earlier and I lost this whole frigging update and had to write it again. Sigh. Hence, the shorter summary. Last night was a long night for this flat with ear piercing fire alarms, standing outside for an hour, finding out it was our flat that made the entire building alarm go off... apparently there was a fault in one of our detectors, we then had to stay up and wait for the engineer to come and check all of them... the security men made us make them tea and they smoked in our kitchen after inspecting the entire place for fire. Ironically funny. I am completely knackered tonight.

Peace out my friends.