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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Monday, 05 Dec 2005

MapSo you are thinking... WTF! What happen to Jen?? Well, don't worry my friends, I am still here and kicking, perhaps have just been a tad bit lazy as of late.

I hear Chocolate Snowflakes donuts are back at Tim Horton’s. Oh dear heaven those things are scrumptious.

On this end, let’s see... I had some exams last week which kept me busy. Then, I had a huge plan to work on my lab report and assignments on the weekend, but it is now Monday morning and the work hasn't started yet. On Friday night all the flat mates and I went out to a really neat bar, called the Sand Bar... inspired by surf culture. Saturday I got up early to do school work, ate my oats and went back to bed until 1130, Sophie wanted to go into town so of course I followed. I even ended up at the library to do research, but it closed 10 minutes after my arrival. We got back, and then headed out to ASDA, and bought some Chocolate Chaos and a bottle of wine. Come back ate our bangers and mash and then the blokes from the flat downstairs came up for some chaos and stayed late listening to music and chilling. Yesterday, again got up early, but spent two hours planning my Christmas holiday (more to come on this) and then Sophie had the brilliant idea to go for a walk on the beach at Three Cliffs Bay, couldn't say no to that. Then a bunch of people came up for movie night, funny times. Brings me to now… still have done nothing and sat down to work and remembered I haven't been on here in awhile, keeping you enlightened on my life happenings is much higher up on the priority list. I have a theory about school work, procrastination and the subconscious, but that can wait for another time.

This week, I will get things done. On Wednesday Alex and I are having dinner with the director of International Services from Brock and also on Wednesday the Stereophonics cover band is playing.

Next week is the last week of school. Next week we have two Christmas dinners planned and also a surf trip to the Gower. Got to love wet suits. I am leaving on the Saturday to stay at Sophie’s in London for a week. Then my parents are coming for two weeks!! I am traveling around with them (Pembrokshire, Edinburgh, Paris, London). Then, I am spending a couple of days in Oxford with my friends from school, we are all meeting there at DJ's home. Hopefully if everything works out, I will then make my way to Madrid, travel to see Lindsay Foster near the Portugal border, backtrack to Barcelona, get a plane to Rome, travel to Venice, Verona, Florence and Milan and then back to London. I have an exam and assignment due on the 19th of January but no lectures again until January 30th. That will give me time to investigate more of the Welsh coastal path.

It is now afternoon, time to get down to business. Eat a Chocolate Snowflake donut today. Happy Birthday Cheryl!