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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 10 Dec 2005

MapSo, I am approaching the end of day three on my detox diet.
I have been getting into the Naturopathic thing lately. The detox is not a way to lose weight but to enhance the connection between my mind and body. It gives the body the time and conditions it can use to rebuild and heal. At the end of the five days the body will have more energy, will feel lighter and will have less cravings. Which will be good because on Tuesday evening is our flat and the boy's Christmas dinner!!!

Work is getting done. Last week was a bit stressful, I hate when things turn out to be more complicated than I originally thought they would be. SPSS isn't the greatest piece of software to use if you are not a statistic god.My goodness. Only two more assignments to go, one fairly lengthy and one I think I can do in a day, but theres that thinking something is going to be simple thing.

Counting down the days until Mom and Dad come, 13 to be exact!

Better get back to work. I am a wee bit jealous of the snow at home. Give me some news people!