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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 Dec 2005

MapHello! Once again I am apologizing for not writing in awhile.

Everything is going well. I am writing this from Sophie's house in London. I have to say they are some of the most generous people I have ever met. I am staying here until Friday morning when my parents arrive at Heathrow. Last night we went to a pub and had a couple drinks with her friends, everyone is so warm and friendly. Her parents have a Christmas party planned for Thursday evening, Sophie and I still have to do some shopping so are headed into central London tomorrow. Getting into the festive spirit!

Had a lush Christmas dinner with all my mates back at uni this week, it more less started at 2pm and ended at 2am. It made Wednesday into a long day finishing off two papers, but not a bad price to pay.

The parents and I have quite the trek planned, it will be so nice to see them. I will be heading to Oxford after their departure and then to Spain for a few days and then I will head back to Swansea to study for my exams but have booked a 10 low budget trip to Italy for Jan 20- Jan 30.

Most of my mates from uni and I have booked a trip to Amsterdam for the 8th to 12th of February!! Good good times.

All for now folks, just wanted to give out a quick hello! The onnly thing I have left to do is to wish you all a very good holiday, take advantage of this time with family and friends. Will be thinking of you all.