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J Mac’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 11 Jan 2006

So... I have had a request to comment on dad's driving in Britain.
Haha, he caught on very quickly which was great but he commented on being nervous on the very narrow back country roads because there is no shoulder, just hedge. I think we only had four close calls, one involving turning the wrong way down a one way road... partly my fault since I told him to turn. All and all well done to dad I am sure you are driving around at home watching for warning signs for an upcoming roundabout.

The sun has set on what was a beautiful day. Warm... upwards to ten degrees I would say, sunny and bright. Can't ask for much more on January 11th. PS- Happy birthday E-Girl (Thought I would squeeze that in for ya!). I have a very uneventful few days. Waking up without the alarm, wandering down to the Uni, making food, catching up on email and reading. It's funny since I have been back to Swansea from being away, I have a new found appreciation for it... feels like home in a sense. I am becoming more of a local, I know where to go for the cheap beer, the short cuts to uni, cheap places to do my printing, becoming more comfortable with the resources available on campus and I have even picked up on the sequencing of a red light at a busy intersection and a route to avoid it, of course this would be more relevant if I had a car and drove. I am thinking about getting a pub job.. even went to the employment place today to get a national insurance number, i'll keep ya all posted on that front.

One week until Italy. I'm sure I'll be on here again before then. Keep the news from home coming. So long!