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Lisa’s Travel Diary

Friday, 25 Mar 2005

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Map******Simone, Karen and Lisa leave NZ******

As hard as it was - we left NZ!!! A great send off from Lee, Nigel, Kosta, Matt & Helen, Andrew and Natalie meant a few tears but very special!!!

We spent one night in Singapore before flying into Bangkok on the morning of Saturday 26th March (Happy Birthday Kel!), for 3 nights.

Checked into Narai Hotel in Bangkok and got right onto the sightseeing!!! Points of interest included Wat Po Temple (Temple of the Reclining Buddha), World Trade Centre Shopping Mall (Massive!), Mo Chit weekend markets (The largest in the world!), hooning around on the back of Tuk Tuks, cruising the river on a Khlong (Canal Boat), and drinking many, many cocktails!!! (see pictures!)

Temperatures ranged from 32-38'C which was warm to say the least. Many beers and cocktails has to be consumed to quench our thirst.

The cost of things was fun to work out - the Thai baht is a great exchange rate for the NZ dollar. A jug of beer or cocktails cost around $7 and soft drinks etc cost around 40c. Fun times! We all managed to buy a few pairs of shoes at around $8 a pair. Brilliant.

******Depart Bangkok for Koh Samui******