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Lisa’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Jun 2013

Location: London, UK

Map******More cricket and Amsterdamage******

On Tuesday 7 of us headed after work to the Oval Cricket Ground for the 20/20 match between NZ and England. The sun was finally out and Ryan, Willcox, Troy, Tracy, Tara, Kerry and I enjoyed a few beverages and the game.. including putting some side bets on with some English guys next to us (which we won!).

It was a great game and probably one of the first of the season to actually not be affected by rain!. It went down to the final ball of the final over but NZ won! We picked the right day as the Thursday match ended up being cancelled by rain.

On the weekend we headed to Amsterdam for Willcox's birthday. He'd never been before so it was a very new experience for him!. Troy, Willcox and I flew out Friday night and had some drinks at the airport and stayed in the Airport Hotel in Amsterdam before meeting his friends Dan and Tessa the next morning when they flew in.

We all headed into the city to Dam Square to an Irish bar where we watched the Australia vs Lions game which Australia won - this made Troy a few happy boy!.

From there it was on to the Heineken Experience where we spent many happy hours including getting the Bar Staff at the final bar to sing Happy Birthday and give Willcox a free drink.

From there it was a bit of a bar crawl of Amsterdam really... we met some cool Americans called Chelsy and Zach who stayed with us for most of the night, along with Robert our waiter in the bar we had dinner in. There was copious rounds of Jaeger Bombs, Skittle Bombs, Sambucca along with our normal drinks. Somewhere around 4am we made it back to our hotel and lets just say the rest of Sunday was a write off until we flew back to London. And of course there was a little sightseeing in between.

Next week we are off on a 7 day Meditterrean Cruise - our Final European jaunt and ticking off a couple more countries such as Croatia and Montenegro.. can't wait!