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Lisa’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 14 Aug 2013

Location: Sandgate, Kent, UK

Map******Troy-Boy turns 30! and leaving drinks******

On Thursday 8th I had my first work leaving drinks as so many people are on holiday in August in the UK that I had to do it quite early. It was a great turn out and lots of drinks were consumed.

Troy and I stayed that night at a lovely 5 Star hotel in the city - Threadneedles who had left some lovely chocolates and a happy birthday plate in the room.

The next morning was his birthday and we had a fabulous weekend in Sandgate, Kent in a big house right on the beach.

Tracy, Pete, Willcox, Ryan, Lauren, Steve, Laura, Troy and I headed down on Friday and started Troys actual birthday with drinks and catching up.

On Saturday we spend the day swimming, playing cards, drinking and chatting before heading to dinner at Fat Larry's diner in the nearby Royal Norfolk Hotel. We played pool and had a few more drinks in the pub afterwards.

On Sunday it was a big breakfast and pack up before heading back to London to recover.

So now the real countdown begins.. I finish work on the 23rd August and we fly out on the 1st September.. scary!!!

Our final plans for the way home are done, 2 nights in Krabi, 2 nights in Kuala Lumpur, a week in Auckland, a week in Mudgee and an 8 day road trip accross the Nullabor before arrival in Perth. Adventures ahead!.

Lots of Love