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Kevin’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 19 Oct 2008

MapCooooeeeeee .
Wow how have things changed over the past few months , this whole global melt down thingy .
Never did sign for land , got screwed and they want an other $180 000 , so will find out on the 22nd of October .
Have found an egg donor for an other IVF run in the New Year .
Have not been home in ages and getting quiet home sick for the people I miss .
the whole thing of getting to home via work has blown up after Boss taking a huge hit .never mind keeping me in a job !
Hopefully things will work them selves out .
Hope to get a break in Jan but will wait and see .
Have taken up wavesking and love it ,will up date phots soon as we have a new camera.

Peace Love doughnuts .