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Kevin’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 29 Dec 2005

Location: Australia

MapWell hello and thank you looking up this page , we're both terrible at keeping in touch, and hope this is some consolation .
We both bad a good year ,got married ,Sonia changed jobs and moved in to our house , and was lucky to go back to Inveraray for two weeks .
Will make a consious effoert to keep in touch because that is what matters .(when i remember)
Still had nobody visiting us yet (except fot he wedding ) so hopefully this year we will have some of you over for a visit.
Did'nt send any christmas cards this year ,as i thought it would be better to give the money to under privaliged children!
Bollocks! just didn't have time , so from both of us we wish you a happy (belated ) Christmas and a very merry new year from us both .
So be healthy happy and hoprfully we will see you this year.

Kevin and Sonia