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Emma’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 21 Oct 2006

Location: Matumbo, Tanzania

Maphey everyone, i have no time at all as the power was out all day and just as we were about to leave town it came back on so i jumped on quickly to say hello and that im still alive and having a wonderful time.
jen the fantastic person from our group left on thursday it was very sad to see her go, she was a fantastic person. im know that her and i will meet again soon.
today we got 2 new vols for our camp. matthew from essex and caroline from somerset... theres something about people in somerset liking that name. im yet to tell her about the fantastic pub that i work in.
3 weeks to go... the time is going very fast.
im now feeling 100% better and eating again, unfortunately.... i dont think ill be coming home any lighter!!!
missing you all and enjoying getting your messages.
bye for now

love emma