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Emma’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 Oct 2006

Location: Matumbo, Tanzania

MapDAY 58!!!

Harbari? Hujumbo? meme kidogo saa na haruka haruka!!!
meme nzuri sana. furhaha. salaama. xxx

hey all. well the internet is working ok today so heres hoping that we get some photos on here for you to look at. thanks for the messages, especially to nala and kiarra as i havent heard from you for so long. hope the work and uni is going well for you both and that you are happy. heres hoping we can catch up at blue bells for a girl guide bash... ill bring the nits!

this week has been busy. we were given a chicken on sunday. after we were treated to a chicken meal at the home of one of our guards. on monday jimmy and matt killed the cucko and roasted it in our little man made oven.. fantastic! it worked well. on tuesday we ate chicken soup with the leftovers and we all survived so no food poisoning here! on thursday we were treated to beef and ugali. and then lastnight we were treated to goat and rice! people are giving us gifts of meat left right and centre! we have 2 weeks to go and people are becoming aware of this and the goodbye party is beginning!

my swahili is getting better and for the final 2 weeks i will be sitting with the headmaster of the school for a final intensive lesson 3 times a week, on the promise that he does not smoke til after 5 each afternoon. im trying to help him to quit smoking!

my stomache and bowels are now back to normal but apparently i have thrush in my mouth.. caroline, a nurse in our group, told me so... bloody great.... im trying to be as clean as possible, my immune system must be down she said.

i have been visiting a family each day to put ointment on the eyes of a baby with conjunctivitis.... the family think im wonderful! im always wiping childrens noses and cleaning thier faces for them. i think that might explain why everywhere i go people know my name and call out to me and im best mates with everyone. apparently when i was sick, the group walked to a village 1 1/2 hours away and people there were asking if i was better.

i seriously dont want to leave here yet... im only just now getting into the village. yesterday i went to a house and me and 2 local young girls painted our nails and hands with henna paint.. its mixed with lemon juice and kerosine and looks great.. will get some photos for you. will also come home with it done to show people in england. then i learnt how to cook rice, look out caroline l at the halfway house i show you the best rice ever!!! not to mention chapatis for a side bread for curry perhaps?

jane thanks for your postcard of somerset. very cute. tell dave i got his letter also and that he is such a worry wort.. tell him to relax for his own sake!
jen got your postcard too. love the picture... might buy some tinga tinga paintings for myself after i safari about Terengie NP.

ill go now so i have time to put photos on this page (hopefully)

bye for now