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Emma’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 11 Nov 2006

Location: Singida, Tanzania

MapWell Ive just left my home of 9 weeks. Im very sad. Due to many people to say Kwaheri to and 7 of us who had to say Kwaheri it was all a bit too fast and I now feel bad for missing out some people. I gave my favourite kiddies a hug and kiss and told them 'meme apenda wewe' it was all too emotional for me. The elder men there were sorry to see me so sad. I gave out some gifts to the kids who were waiting to say goodbye and they went nuts. Ill have fond memories of them all and promise myself that due to not saying goodbye properly i will return soon, hopefully when the dispensary is to be opened.

This last week has been very hetic. Sunday afternoon it rained. No it didnt rain, it actually pissed down so hard the camp flash flooded. Now I know that my curse will be with me no matter what - whenever i camp, its bound to rain... even if it did take 9 weeks. Locals helped keep things ok whilst we were out for the day but that night the pissing rain came again and it was all hands on deck to dig trenches, lift tarps to get rid of water and moving our beds about so that they stayed dry... yes the tent leaked, surprise surprise surprise! We were going well and keeping the flooding at bay until a pole hit Jackie in the head and blood gushed out everywhere, luckily my somerset mate is a nurse and Jackie is now fighting fit sporting a great shaved spot in her fringe. I was standing ankle deep in water at one stage. The choo (squat toilet) filled up pretty quickly and we all knew that once that overflowed we were outtha there! The compost pits that were filled in were quite mushy and I was the unfortunate one who fell right in and lost my thongs... i wasnt going down without a fight and put my arm right in there and found them. I was literally up to my knees in compost! Caroline (Fellow Somersetier) couldnt help me due to her laughing fit which stared me off in the pouring rain knee deep in pure rot!
We finally got to bed at about 2am, Caroline and I having to share a bed as most were wet.

We called in sick on Monday and set about prepping for more rain, and rearranging the camp. Fortunately the rain held off for the rest of the week. I got the blame for the sunday rain, 10 minutes before the rain started i announced how bored i was. that will teach me!

Tuesday we went to work and then i slept for the afternoon.
Wednesday we were picked up early to do a tour of other HAPA projects. Unfortunately it was the same one i did before, fortunately we saw Baboons!! Very exciting...