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Emma’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Nov 2006

Location: Arusha, Tanzania

sorry for the last update, power was cut during the typing process.
anyways, im now in arusha. we arrived on sunday night. caroline and i booked and left for safari on monday morning and had a lovely 4 days prancing about the african wilderness being treated like queens on our budget safari! first we went to Tarangire NP where we saw all kinds of animals; impala, giraffe, ostrich, elephant, monkeys, baboons, dik diks, carcass of wildebeest, tawny eagle, boabab trees many, warthogs, fallen boabab trees (naughty elephants) fish eagles, gazelles, element guinea fowl plus many other exotic birds.... and if that didnt bore you enough i have 5 photos of each animal seen so you can browse thru my photos once i get home.
we camped outside the NP however the site was lovely and meals were prepared for us and we had a great time.
Day 2 we revisited Tarangire NP and then after lunch we travelled to find a tribe called 'Adzabe' a bushmen tribe who gather and hunt and live in the bush with no houses and are nomads. so anyway we located the tribe and watched them smoke pot - they start smoking from the age of 7 - then joined/followed them in a hunt. the men hunt, the women gather and i think the women were so stoned they didnt gather this particular day. so we went with the men who ended up arrowing, is that the right terminology???? anyway they used bow and arrows made themselves to kill, 2 squirrels, 3 birds and they pulled 2 rats out of thier nests. they lit a fire using 2 sticks and threw these animals on the fire. feather removed however furs left on. i tasted the squirrel - just like chicken. again some great photos. we tried some fruits which they also eat and 'gather' and returned to their camp. they gave us a song and dance and then we bought a few bits of jwellery from them before heading off to meet another tribe.
On the last day we visited Lake Manyara where we saw more elephants, girraffes but also hippos, zebras, monkeys etc. we saw all except big cats and rhinos so we enjoyed our safari very much.
except for when the driver cracked onto me and after telling him HAPANA!!! he tried it again the next night... totally pissed us both off! so we wont be using them again.

ive not enough time to tell you more, other than ill be home in 2 weeks and i miss you all and cant wait to taste a bubbly old rascal at the halfway.

bye for now