Judgey’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 01 Jun 2005

Location: Cornwall, UK

MapSo here it is...after so many years in education, and four great years in university, I'm finally breaking the mould and getting out into the big wide world. What the future holds nobody quite knows! What I do know is that I have been quite fortunate so far in life, and should the next year and beyond continue in a similar vein I'll be a smiley happy person...

A few words about university - I set out to achieve my long term goal of setting up a business, and university was the means to getting the knowledge needed to achieve this. However, over the last four years it has provided me with so much more than an education...I have great friends who I will miss greatly, but whom I so much look forward to reuniting with for one more classic night! Thanks to everyone who played a part in my time at uni!

To my friends at home - well nothing changes down these parts, and its a nice feeling to know that even after years away at uni it all falls back into place over a chilled beer and bbq, or more often a coffee in Zain's place (Fresh)!!! Keep in touch guys and gals, and see you next summer...

For my family, thank you for all the support over the years, despite the tough times I know you'll always be there for me and I hope you know that I appreciate all you have done and continue to do for me...and please don't fret, I'll look after myself and be home safe and sound before you know excited and share my dream!

Well, that just leaves for me to jot down my itinerary now, although its still rough because you can't plan so far in advance:

3 June 2005 - London > Sydney

9 June - Sydney > Auckland
Spend approximately 6 weeks in the north island, travelling with the Lions tour.
Then travel down to the South Island to do some adventure stuff and snowboarding.

16 Sept - Christchurch > Auckland (transit) > San Tiago (Chile)

20 Nov - Chile > Buenos Aires (Argentina)

20 Feb - Argentina > Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

End April (approx) Homebound!!!