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Two Ewans and an Ed’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 02 Jul 2005

Location: Dastardly Dundee, Scotland

MapWell the countdown is on...4th year finished on Friday and in less than 7days time we will have left the dirt and driving rain of Dundee behind ready for a tantalizing taste of Tanzania!

We have sorted our money, most of our walking gear and clothes. I've written a packing list the length of my arm and ET's hallway is chocka with medical supplies courtesy of Mama Tevendale (Cheers!) for us to take out to the hospitals we are going to be working in! We're still collecting sponsers for the trek up tanzania, so if you want to donate something let us know and we'll come and get it off you when we get back!

None of the money will go towards our trip but it will all be donated to the hospitals (Teule Hospital, Muheza, Tanga Region Tanzania and Ekwendeni Hospital, nr Mzuzu, Malawi - if you do a google search you should find something) these places are really basic and any donation is gratefully appreciated! We're working in Tanzania for 3weeks before the trek and hopefully on the summit of Kilimanjaro on the 3rd August!!

The only thing we've got to do now is pass our exams.... Revision is erm.... going - wish us luck!!

Will update on Friday before we leave hopefully with photos of the our newly shaved heads!! And will let you know how the exams went :oS !!

ewan ewan ed