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Two Ewans and an Ed’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 12 Jul 2005

Location: Teule Hospital, Muheza, Tanzania

MapSalaamo toka Tanzania!

It's our second day here in the hospital and we're all still alive and well. I'd like to say we've already been saving lives, but we're still just getting used to the language and the local system. We have seen many signs and illnesses in these first two days. The first basic rule of medicine here - if in doubt give them quinine tds!

Exams on Thursday and Friday last week were great fun! We'll hopefully find out in three weeks how we did.

Friday night was a bit chaotic! Finished exams at 5 and went to Brae's for a pint and some finger food. Packing and cleaning up took a bit longer than expected, so we didn't arrive in Perth til after midnight, at which point Ed got his head shaved. By the time we got to bed, it was after 2am and we had to be up by 4.

Saturday went without a hitch. Ethiopian Airlines provided good food and the oldest plane any of us have ever been on! We were worried at first that we wouldn't make it off the ground, however our worries increased when we realised the pilot wasn't proficient at landing either! Nevertheless, we made it to Addis Ababa safely and the rest of the journey faded into sleep.

On arrival in Dar Es Salaam, we found our way to the 'luxury' bus - a definition based on the number of seats in each row and not on the quality of interior or the driving. Luckily we were in time to catch the 8.30am bus to Tanga, which left at 9.45am after a sweaty wait. 20mins into the journey, there was a loud bang as one of the tyres blew up! So, careering across the road to a lay-by on the other side, we pulled over for a tyre change and toilet stop, where Ewan T teased the spiders. The rest of the journey was fairly uneventful - we alleviated concern for the safety of our luggage (and lives) by sleeping most of the time. Ewan B was particularly popular with the local ladies - waking up to find a new one in his lap every half hour!

On arrival at Teule Hospital, it was encouraging to know that we weren't expected and that our luxury accommodation was already occupied. However, everyone was very friendly - always happy to point and stare and we managed to make it into town for a couple of Safari beers!

We have now met our supervisors who were away for the weekend. We have picked up a bit of the local lingo - we can count to 10 and at least we can say 3 cold beers please (bieri tatoo babaridi tafadhali).

We are in the process of uploading some photos of our luxurious accomodation and we know you'll all be jealous when you see them. We'll update you again soon.