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Two Ewans and an Ed’s Travel Diary

Monday, 25 Jul 2005

Location: Teule Hospital, Muheza, Tanzania

MapWe figure that now we've embarked on week three of our tantalizing Tanzanian trip we should really have written more than two diary entries!! So here goes....

As most people have probably gathered, our first weekend in Tanzania was spent recovering from the luxury of our accomodation at the hospital by the beach in Pangani!! It was nice to have a hot shower but to be honest just having running water in the mornings was a novelty!

After a leisurly lunch, some swimming (well, wave jumping anyway) we were getting used to being the only people in the Tinga Tinga resort we were staying at. Dinner was delicious - mainly fresh sea food delivered by bicycle and to order!

The following day, we embarked on a cruise in one of the local fishing Dhows. Health and safety features were somewhat lacking on this vessel although we were provided with an old flask in case we needed to bail out! As the trip progressed Ewan T's shade of green got steadly darker, although Mrs T, he was a little soldier and didn't really complain until about an hour into the trip when a meek voice piped up at the back 'can we go back to shore now?!' To his credit, he didn't feed the fish, and after the long walk back along the white sandy beach, we all tucked in to a super lunch.

After a rickety bus journey back to the world of bucket showers and crouching toilets, we were ready to start our second week which turned out to be much busier! A shortage of doctors in the hospital meant the we all managed to take ward rounds at some point, EB on paeds and ET and EP on general medicine. Only about 4patients died (mostly when Ed was in charge) although in my defense mainly due to a lack of oxygen or terminal illness. It takes a bit of getting used to when patients are two (plus) to a bed, cyanosed and the (single) oxygen concentrator doesn't work! Many seem to come to the wards with an incorrect history which we try and correct through an interpreter (aka nursing student) althogth it is a little disconcerting when 5mins of swahili is translated as 'no, they don't have a cough!'!!

Last weekend we spent in Tanga (Tanzania's 3rd City) only 30mins away by car after enjoying steak and red wine on the lawn of a rather nice hotel all for $8pp inc tip, we ventured down to the Swimming club for a dip in the Indian ocean. Ed and ETswam out
for a loop round a moored boat 500m out to sea, which seemed to get further and further away the more we swam. We made it (there and back!) and much to Ed's relief there were no sharks in sight.

Sunday we spent relaxing back at the hospital and making fish stew (they don't fillet it for you here and the flies add extra protein although this is pretty safe compared to the milk with giardia included at no extra cost) in preparation for our final week at Teule. We're all looking forward to our impending ascent of Kili, starting this sunday, and we are taking bets as to which one of us will succumb to mountain sickness first!!

Thanks for all of you msgs of congratulations!! Keep them coming!
Ed Ewan and Ewan