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Two Ewans and an Ed’s Travel Diary

Friday, 05 Aug 2005

Location: Moshi, Tanzania

MapAll three of us made it to the top of Kili!!

In spite of some interesting symptoms, we all arrived at Uhuru Peak at 6.30, in time for a gorgeous sunrise, the fastest time our guides have ever done with tourists. On the way, Ewan T experienced some breathlessness and even managed some mild ataxia near the top and Ed was nauseous all the way, holding off from vomiting until 200 yards from the summit. As we turned the corner after cleaning Ed up, we saw the peak, and our spirits soared. A mix of tears and giggles ensued as we skipped the last few steps to the summit!

Having taken 4.5 hours to climb, running down the scree from Gillman's Point to base camp took just over 30 mins and put big smiles on all of our faces!

Further down the mountain, Ed developed a headache, with misty vision and haloes around lights, which we assume was due to raised intraocular pressure due to cerebral oedema, however, some Diamox cleared it up fairly quickly.

Now we're in Moshi, about to set off on a 3 day safari to Lake Manyara, the Ngorongoro Crater and Tanganire Game Reserve.

We tried to upload photos, but the connection here's very slow - sorry. We'll put them on as soon as we have a chance.

Hope everyone's surviving at home without us!