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Evan Ryan’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 22 Jun 2005

Location: Ouyen, Australia

MapHi Everyone,

Just thaught I would throw my rough itinerary on this in case there might be a chace of bumping into anyone on my travels. I head off with the family from Melbourne on Thursday the 30th to California where I'll be til the 5th July when I fly to Tucson Arizona. I arrive in Dublin on July 15th then England on the 19th July, then fly to Athens on July 25th. From Athens I'll join an 8 day contiki round the Greek Islands before flying up to Belgium on August 1st for my sister Renee's wedding on August 7th.

In Summary
June 30-July5th California USA
July 5th-July14th Tucson Arizon USA
July15th-19th Ireland
July 19th-25th Scotland and England
July 25th-Aug1st Athens and Greek Islands
August1st-8th Belgium

Drop me amessage on this site if you're gonna be around the same area and it would be great to catch up. Otherwise I'll keep you up to date with the travels as I go.