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Evan Ryan’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 Jul 2005

Location: Tucson, Arizona, USA

MapWell since arriving in Tucson I've been busy catching up with more cousins and meeting their mates, eating lots of Mexican food and staying up late! I only just got off the plane and I was in the saddle riding Dodger the champion barrel racing stallion around the desert through cactus and boulders with some of my cousin's friends.

My cousin's decided it would be funny to show me how strong they were so they took me to their gym and I couldn't move for two days afterwards I was so sore from the weights. So we decided to play a round of golf at the "Tucson National" to get the sore muscles going again. Its a swish members only golf course where one of the guys works so we got on free! Have also cought a few movies that have just come out here, the fantastic 4, the longest yard and Hitch. All pretty good.

Also met up with my Grandma I havn't seen for nearly 3 years so that was great and have been having meals with all the relatives catching up on old times.

Also bought some snake skin cowboy boots to wear at Renee's wedding next month, they are really nice. This boot shop had all kinds made from elephant, stingray, elk and even Kangaroo hide boots.

Next we went to my cousins friends birthday party where I met some Irish girls who are heading back to Dublin the same time I get there so we are gonna try and catch up. I've booked a 4wheel driving tour round the ring of kerry in Ireland for the 4 days there b4 seeing riverdance in Dublin. Then off to England.

We are going to try and head down to the beach in Mexico the next few days if we can before I fly on Thursday.

I'll load some new photos so keep a look out