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Evan Ryan’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 13 Jul 2005

Location: Tucson, USA

MapJust loaded a few photos today of whats been happenin in Tucson before I head to Ireland tomorrow morning.

We just got back from Puerto Penasco (or Rocky Point) in Mexico where 6 of us went down over night. Its right on the ocean and we stayed at a flash resort sampling the town's entertainment and delicious food. We all got sunburnt while swimming in the warm ocean. I love Mexico, it was really great this time because all my cousins are bilingual so the language wasn't a worry and we fit right in.

We didnt fit the sky diving in but Mexico was well worth it. Also I've extended my tour to take in Spain for 4 days after the wedding so I won't be back in OZ til August 13th! My cousins are going to travel with me in Spain from the 7th til the 12th.