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Evan Ryan’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 27 Jul 2005

Location: Mykonos island, Greece

Maphey everyone, am finally on Mykonos! we took a 5 hour ferry last night to get here but was well worth it.

In Athens we saw the Parthenon, Zeus´s temple and the olympic stadium plus sampled some ouzo. nice! had baggage dramas but got it sorted between London and Athens.

The time with Reesy in Wales and the London was great too. The poms drive so quick on the fr4eeways here (160 on the highways) like the autobarn i guess. Reesy and i had a great time landing on our feet whatever we did with golf or pubbing in sheffield. In wales we rocked up to a random town to play golf and there was the biggest festival of the year. The royal welsh show! was a great night out! The highlight in England was playing a game of cricket with Mick on English soil. It was fantastic

LOndon was great catching up with Gus Ando and Jenni the South African I met on tour in Ireland.

They showed me London in style including shakespear at the globe theatre. Has been one of the best days on tour! Riverdance in Dublin was fantastic in the middle 3 rows from the front. Got some good sights in around there too and the weather was glorious.

bumped into cuppa, maroulis and Joey de das in London randomly! They are all doing well. Its a bit different riding the tubes after the 'security scares' the last month but everyone there is just dealing with it.

Had better go am off to a cruise to Paradise beach on the other side of the island this arvo with 50 other contiki´s. Am here til Friday when we join the next cruise ship.

Hope everything#s rocking along well for you all. drop me a message if you get the urge! Be great to hear from you all