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Evan Ryan’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 30 Jul 2005

Location: Patmos Island, Greece

MapHi Guys,

Well I am on the cruise ship sailing about the Greek islands and we stopped at Kusadasi in Turkey this morning for a quick look and I bought some fresh prawns. Also went to a Turkish bath where they massage and wash you down (like a cross between seeing a chiropractor and going to a beauty therapy clinic! Anyway it was an experience but felt like a million dollars after. The port at Kusadasi was very quiet after the bombing, hardly anyone there.

Mykonos was great! We saw all the sites and got some great photos of all the little blue and white houses. They really know how to party there and things only start to kick off about 2am til daylight. It was really windy the last couple of days so it was nice to just chill out and catch up on some sleep. Have met some awesome people from around the world to catch up with the next few weeks and next trip when that is.

We go to Crete and Santorini tomorrow then I fly from Athens Monday afternoon to Belgium.

Hope all's well.