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Evan Ryan’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 20 Aug 2005

Location: Ouyen, Australia

MapThe night before the wedding we went back to a little Italian restaurant in Leuven where they serve some of the best Italian food outside of Italy! Dad got talking to the owner (who is also the chef/barman/waiter and dishwasher!) and told him how we were all in town for Renee's wedding. Well! He braught out his treasured home brewed after dinner lemon ouzo that his brother in Italy had made him. He gave us a bottle as his contribution to the wedding!

We could not resist and sampled a couple each that lead to a few more... Anyway we ended up having a great night with a little bit left to bring back to oz for that special occasion!

Renee's wedding went perfectly at a massive church that is part of the university where she works and studies at.

The ceremony was beautiful and it gave the rest of our family the opportunity to meet our new inlaws and both friends of Renee's and my parents who live in Europe now. Many of Renee and Jo's friends from Leuven came as well and we all had the chance to catch up for a few Guinnesses at the Irish pub where the reception was held. It was fantastic to have so much family at the wedding considering where it all happened.

The next day Shawn, Chris, Brian and I travelled down to Spain for a quick look about. We ended up hiring a car in Madrid and cruising down the freeway to the coast at Valencia where we chilled out for 3 days. I thaught the English drove fast! These guys have a 120km/h speed limit on the freeways but rarely do less than 140!

At one stage I thaught I was in trouble with two police with sirens and lights on behind me. But I was just going too slow at 130! Anyway the hire car got back without a scratch and we ended up touring the nightlife of Madrid the last night while the U2 concert was on (sold out for months unfortunately). With me getting no sleep til I got on the plane to Vienna!

That nearly cost me a couple of extra days as I fell asleep at the airline boarding gate in Vienna waking up as I heard "FINAL CALL for flight # to Singapore'! Anyway thank god I made it back in Aus safely after the big trip. Am settling into work and all the rest pretty well.

Thanks to everyone for the great messages, keep them coming as I'll be checking this site for a fair while yet.

All the best and happy travels if you are still on the road