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Kate’s Travel Diary

Monday, 24 Jul 2006

Location: London, UK


So Chrsitie and I realised that one of our favourite artists was playing at the Wireless Festival in London...David Gray.....but of course it was on a weekday!! So after making a huge saving on eBay, I won the tickets for a quarter of the retail price, I justified my savings by leaving work a few hours early to get to the concert. Carly came with us too. Missy Higgins played, KT Tunstall a few others and then David Gray finished the night off with a bang. It was a fun night especially for only 9pounds!! eBay became addictive and I continued my beginners luck to purchase Royal Ascot Race Day tickets.....keep reading to hear about this stressful but delightful escapade.

After Horse Racing, Football (soccer), Rowing and Tennis there are very few English sports I am yet to experience......perhaps some Polo matches!!!
This last month in London I have been getting in touch with my English heriatige and experiencing the English Culture!! Thank god the weather has not been traditional English has been taking some notice from all the Aussies that live here and is absolutely fantastic, in the 30's for most weekends and this week London reached a record breaking top of 36.5 degrees, skirts and singlets all the way!!

The World Cup fever definitely hit England. The England flags were out, t-shirts, horn blowers and I believe the widescreen TV sales went through the roof!!! Pretty much every pub showed every game, there were a few that had signs out the front saying "We are a World Cup free zone!!" They would have missed out on loads and loads of sales....crazy people!! So we were at a different pub for every England game and had to watch the replays of the few Aussie games at the Walkabout as we were stuck at work when these were on! The atmosphere was fantastic however came to a screaming holt when England were kicked out!! Everyone lost real interest and only went to watch the semi and the final. I can't believe those cheating Italian's won....not happy Jan!!

SPORTS DAY 1: Royal Ascot Race Day
The most prestiegous race day in the world, the venue recently undertook a 200 Million Pound refurbishment, so it was almost as good as the Gold Coast Turf Club!!! Dramatic start to the day!!...It was the morning of Royal Ascot and Christie and Kate did not have their very expensive tickets in their hot little hands!!! Having slight stress out...due to the price they had paid and the fun they were planning to have, Christ and Kate waited anciously for Postman Pat to deliver the Saturday morning mail!! We heard the letter box flap chink and mail hit the floor, running to the door only to find a god dam BILL!! So Kate rang the post office and after much persuasian she made the lazy lady go have a look for the tickets......she said 'there is no way the Postman would have forgotten to put a slip in the mail to tell you that ur registered mail was at the depot". Turned out Postman Pat failed us and the tickets had been sitting there for 4 days!!!! Running to the not so close depot, cursing the fabulous ROYAL MAIL the whole way, they finally got their classy looking tickets!!
Making a fashionably and a little frazzled late entrance to Royal Ascot, we met our friends and partied on...royal racing style. Only betting on one Australian horse who had won a few days earlier, turned out he was a donkey when it came to the longer distances, so we thought we would invested our money in a guranteed return on investment..........DRINKS!!
The ladies outfits were very conservative, not many bright colours, I think Christ had the brightest dress on out of everyone. The guys looked great in their suits, especially the ones who wore Tops and Tails!! It looked like some thing out of a black and white movie, there weren't just a few, it was most of the men in Top hats and Tails. We saw the Queen in her very flash Royal Box....she was wearing green again, looked like she was enjoying herself...we ask if we could share her box but she said our accents were unbearable!!
We stayed until we pretty much got kicked out.....they were packing up the Verve and Moet tents...left over full bottles everywhere, we tried to sweet talk our way to a free bottle but no one was feeling generous towards a bunch of drunken 20 somethings!! All in all, a great was worth the $500 dollars it probably cost me......evened out my $500 winnings I had at Canberra races in March.

SPORTS DAY 2: Royal Henly Regatta
I wont bore u now but I'll write soon about the next British sporting event!!