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Kate’s Travel Diary

Monday, 31 Jul 2006

Location: London, UK

So Christie works for a catering company called Greens, and she had been away all week working at a Rowing Regatta at Henley. I received a phone call Saturday morning with proposition from Christ to go out to Henley and stay there for the weekend. It seemed like a rather big effort at the last minute but Carly and my flatmate Shannon were keen to go also. The weather was great, 30degrees, so next minute we were on the train to Henley-upon-Thames. Only an hour and half away, the small town was hopping when we arrived, the Thames river had never looked so clean and beautiful. Christie gave us instructions to walk a short way along the river until we get to the Greens Marquee which was near the start line. Pushing through the crowds with our big bags full of doona's and pillows, we made it to Christie's tent an HOUR LATER. Turned out the train station was at the finish line!!
So we said hi to Christ and headed to the closest bar, the Barn Bar to watch the World Cup, England v Portugal. Awesome atmostphere, we were into the Pimms, out in the sun, cheering for England.......until they lost to Portugal in a penalty shootout!!!! Not happy about this we decided to drown our sorrows by drinking a little more.

Christie shut shop shortly after and joined us for what turned out to be a long boozy night, it reminded me of what I imagine a B&S Ball to be like with the Bar that looked like a big barn...hence the name Barn Bar!! Crazy poms were swimming in the freezing river by 1am.....very outragous behaviour!! After we all got kicked out of the Barn Bar we stubled a whole 20meters to our classy accomodation that you can see in the photos....yes we slept in the Greens Marquee on the chair cusions!! It was fun until the morning when we could actually see the all bugs on us and had to listen to the massive Scoop truck collecting the mountains of rubbish outside!! Trying to cure the hiddious hangover we ate some greasy food for breaky and sat in the sun with our feet in the river watching the rowers making way too much effort for a Sunday!! I would love to share the very interesting stories we got told by one of the grounds men from the night before.....but lets just say the oldies and children who are reading may not appreciate them very much!!

Great English weekend really, ladies in their wide brim hats or umbrellas sitting in their beautiful antique boats drinking Pimms while the men smoked their pipes. There was even a home owner near by who took his ducks into the river for their daily exercise, the ducks followed him in perfect was very cute!! People even set up a table by the river with white linen table clothes and wore races style outfits...what toffs!!!!!!

Next installment is Wimbledon and Cousin Kelly comes to London!