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Kate’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 16 Aug 2006

MapFamily Reunion!!

Under not so great circumstances, I was able to meet some more of my Father's extended family. Sadly my Grandmother passed away a few weeks ago, and we all met at the Funeral in Bournemouth (about 3 hours south of London). I met for the first time my Cousin Dylan and my Aunty and Uncle from South Africa, (Dad's brother Ken and his wife Gaye). It was all kind of surreal but really nice, 5 of us (cousins) live in London, all pretty much the same age, so we will catch up again soon. I only have 2 more to meet, a cousin, Tamaryn who is living in South Africa and Dad's other brother Ian, who lives in Spain. The Rohan Family are literally all over the World.....crazy stuff!

80's Party!!

On Saturday night I went to an 80's Birthday Party in an underground chinese resturant in the middle of South Kensignton.....wierd stuff!!!
So Christie and I, still hung over from the night before chuffed off to Camden Markets to buy our 80's get up! Not being able to raid our mothers cupboards we had to find alternative off to the markets we go!! There were a number of Vintage shops there with clothes from all eras, so it wasn't long before we stubled across an 80's shop and next minute... trying on a number of hidious items! It was a buy one get one free deal so we decided to go dressed the same, brightly coloured polka dot top, black leggings and bright legwarmers.....yep the old legwarmers...and I tell you one thing, they keep your legs bloody warm!! We topped it off with crimped hair and large coloured hoop earings.....oh and don't forget lots of blue eyeshadow!!! (Total outfit cost: £7)
So all ready to go, friends were arriving at the apartment for drinks and........didn't seem to be dressed as ridiculous as Christie, Eddie, Bart and I....."hhmmmm what's going on here"! Turns out it was a Miami Vice Party................aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!! Anyways the boys were in their suits with their sleeves pushed up and the girls had something similar and here we were with our bright Polka dot pijama looking top and LEGWARMERS!!
So embarrassed to even leave the bedroom to have a drink with our friends, we put our trench coats on and pretended we didn't misread the invitation!!!
We went to the party still with our coats on.....and we quietly revealed our mess up to other party goers and of course they all told us to take off our coats!!! After a few drinks, it was getting too hot so we didn't have an option but to reveal all!! Turned out every one loved our matching outfits and thought we made a fantastic effort!!!
It was all a bit of fun.....they had the old Miami Vice movie running on the plasmas around the resturant and we danced all night to good old 80's music!!

As it turns out the 80's fashion has made a come that's great we can reuse our costumes next Saturday night!! Mum can u send me some of your Shoulder Pads!!!