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Chris’s Travel Diary

Monday, 22 Aug 2005

Location: San Sebastian, Spain

MapDay 2 of our car hire

I drove the first day of our trip south to Valencia. Was the only one who wasn't hung over. Going down the 120km/h freeway doing about 150km/h in our diesel Mira getting over taken by cars doing at least 180.
Went out that night to this wicked club. Drinks are about 7 euro for a Heinekin or 8 for a bourbon. best thing is though they dont measure out there shots so they'll pour you a triple no worries at all so it was obvious what i was drinking.

Day 3 of our car hire

Driving back north now we head to pamplona where they have the running of the bulls. Walked the Track which took us all of 5 mins saw the corner where alot of people get smashed and around to the finish stadium. Back in the car and off to Beautiul San Sebastian. This place was rockin there was a festival on when we got there saw the best fireworks display. Went to another awsome club drinks about 1 euro dearer.
The next day we walked up the top of the hill to the statue of christ and drank 2 euro heinys overlooking a nice harbour hundreds of yachts and the ocean Next stop madrid

Madrid was a one nighter flew to greece the next day after a 5hr delayed flight. In Greece now going to the Islands tomorrow., Tristan a guy from the gong has been with us for the last week untill tonight when he booked himself into hospital with a swollen testicle. Not sure what it is from but he is getting the hot nurses to keep an eye on it for him. I think he is using t5he time as a little detox as well. He is a little man and it takes a fair bit to keep up with a guy like me !!! Hahaha

Tlk soon