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Tasha and Neil’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 27 Jul 2006

Location: Reading, England

MapTo finish off our diary in a different style to usual gushy "we can't wait to see you all" manner & to answer any question you might ask us when you see us Tasha has written a 'summary' of our trip with some statistics & list of 'favourites' from us regarding our time away. She hopes you enjoy it & if you don't she'll come round and poke you in the chest like she did to the border police officer as we tried to leave be warned!!

Our trip has been made up of:
371 days
4 Continents
17 countries
30 flights

Highlights (in various shapes and forms!) have been:

1 x Tear gas experience
2 x Pen knives left in hand luggage at airport (by Neil!)
2 x Scooter accidents
1 x Tattoo
4 x Alarm clocks lost
2 x Cremations watched
5 x Treks completed (Colca Canyon/ Inca Trail/ Tonagrio Crossing/ Hill Tribe Trek/ Kathmandu Valley Trek)
1 x Glacier Climbed
4 x Sick due to alcohol (Tasha)
2 x Cash cards swallowed in ATM's
31 x T’shirts bought by Neil (including 18 football shirts)
4 x Major wild animal encounters (swimming with Wild Dolphins/ Elephant Trekking/ Tiger stoking/ Sea Lions in Peru)

4 x Live football matches watched (including 1x World Cup qualifier)
1 x Wedding in Brazil
3 x Snakes held
2 x International sporting events attended – Australia Open and Commonwealth Games
11 x Scuba dives
2 x trips to Hospital in Argentina and Nepal
11 x Extreme sports (Sandboarding/ Cycling down Death Road/Snowboarding/ Sky Diving/ White Water Rafting/Sledging/Surfing/Zip lining/ Sea Kayaking/ Bamboo rafting/ Tubing down the river whilst drinking)

7 x Courses completed (Open water diving/ Thai Massage course/Thai Cookery course/ Thai Boxing/ Winery Tour/ Learnt to Tango/ Meditation class)

6 x weeks in a Camper van
1 x week working on a farm

1 x Wonder of the world seen (Taj Mahal)
2 x Harrowing plane journeys (Nazca Lines in Peru/Flintstone airways in Thailand)

38 x days of free accommodation
19 x Friends and Family from home that visited us during our travels
3 x Emails received from Tasha’s Brother
3500 x 'hits' on our website!!!!

"A few of our favourite things" as Julie would say:

Favourite Countries/Places: Argentina, Cambodia and Easter Island
Least Favourite Country: India (first time round!)
Nicest People: Argentinians
Best Beach: Phi Phi Island Thailand
Most amazing sites: Matchu Pitchu, Taj Mahal, Views from top of Ayers Rock
Favourite people met: Dutch!
Favourite Food: Thai (Green Curry and Pad Thai)
Favourite Beer: Tiger Beer and BeerLao
Favourite Wine: Malbec
Most amazing moment (Tasha): Swimming with wild dolphins in New Zealand
Most amazing moment (Neil): Diving in Exmouth Australia with sharks. And seeing Matchu Pitchu for the first time.
Worst Moment Neil: Being ill in Bolivia
Worst Moment Tasha: Having bag snatched in Bolivia.
Funniest moments: Tasha’s silly comments in general & watching her assault a Vietnamese border police officer in front of 30 astonished & tired travellers; Neil headbutting camper van window in NZ (accidently!) & losing it in the monsoon downpoor of Goa looking for a 'particular' restaurant.

You've read our diary entries, seen our photo's and now we're home so we hope you enjoyed all the laughs we had along the way.

By for now......